PM SUPERSTUDIO is the first Italian startup specialized in 3D rendering software that creates virtual prototypes of fashion collections and accessories.

PM SUPERSTUDIO‘s 3D rendering services drastically reduce the costs and increase the flexibility, the velocity and the efficiency of the fashion companies, so it won’t be no more necessary to develop and to manufacture the prototypes of the garments (many of whom will be then rejected) and it won’t be no more necessary to produce the physical samples to supply everywhere, in order to be approved: all that is needed is an accurate preview of the finished item of clothing and taking advantage of the PM SUPERSTUDIO‘s services.

The impact of PM SUPERSTUDIO‘s 3D rendering processes is also ecological, thanks to the waste minimization and the reduction of air pollution caused by the transport of materials and persons, with a consequent improvement of the brand’s perception and image by the clients.

Besides, it will be easier to control the brand’s consistency, because it will be possible to see the fashion collections in advance and how it is going to appear once they will be launched on the market.

Explore an endless range of options for your fashion collections, cutting the costs of the textile industry, with the 3D virtual prototyping.

Thanks to the 3D simulation software of PM SUPERSTUDIO, we can create all the styles, fabrics, patterns and details you want. With the 3D rendering it is possible to design any kind of garment, from a simple shirt to an elaborate sportswear item of clothing.

But PM SUPERSTUDIO is not limited to the 3D virtual prototyping of the simple garments of clothing, it also design fashion accessories.

Watch your fashion prototypes taking shape in a few clicks! Thanks to PM SUPERSTUDIO‘s 3D rendering is possible to make any kind of modify to the garment in real time: from the patterns, to the colors, fabrics and single details, any change can be simulated in a few seconds.

Through PM SUPERSTUDIO‘s 3D rendering software is possible to improve the prototype anytime, monitoring the silhouette and the wearability before the manufacturing process, an unimaginable saving of time and money because it replaces the entire clothing manufacturing system, in order to see the final product.

The PM SUPERSTUDIO‘s 3D rendering technology represent the future of fashion because thanks to the 3D virtual prototyping the fashion companies can improve and  innovate their traditional manufacturing process. Speed in the 3D design project, creation of different kinds of garments, an endless range of colors and fabrics reduce the prototyping times without any waste of time and money.