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PM SUPERSTUDIO is the first Italian startup specialized in 3D software development that creates virtual prototypes of fashion collections and accessories.

The company invests on technologies and avails itself of the 3D to design hyper-realistic virtual garments, in a fast and efficient way.

The constant research of innovative technologies has brought PM SUPERSTUDIO to the implementation of photo and video rendering that reduce to minimum the quantity of fabrics and energy to view the final product.

The innovative services of PM SUPERSTUDIO are the solution to reduce the clothing manufacturing costs, to quickly interpret the ideas of a style department or a fashion designer, and to show in an easy and clear way the fashion projects.

PM SUPERSTUDIO is able to reduce the quantity of physical samples (for ecological and economical reasons) to shorten the e time constraints for a prototype’s preview with consequent savings of time and money.

Through the 3D technology is possible to quickly interpret the creative ideas and to optimize the manufacturing process, cutting the costs of the traditional textile industry (obsolete design of the prototypes, cutting and stitching, ironing and final testing) in order to inspect the final prototype of the item of clothing.

Years of research, have brought PM SUPERSTUDIO to provide the best solutions to fashion brand, fashion designers and fashion companies of all sizes. Explore all the ways you can revolutionize the manufacturing process with PM SUPERSTUDIO.



PM SUPERSTUDIO has established itself in the fashion world thanks to its constant engagement and the high quality of its services.

The longtime experience has led PM SUPERSTUDIO to the constant research of innovation and perfection.

The most particular needs and the most complex prototypes represent exciting challenges, because the success of PM SUPERSTUDIO services is based on the added value deriving from multiple strategies and technological solution that the company is able to offers to fashion designers and fashion brands.

PM SUPERSTUDIO offers innovative services, enhanced by the acquired know-how and by a staff of professionals with a solid experience in the fashion system.



Thanks to the 3D Virtual Prototyping of PM SUPERSTUDIO is possible to improve the prototype anytime, to supervise the silhouette and the wearability before the manufacturing process, an unimaginable saving of time and money because it replaces the entire manufacturing process for the vision of the final product.

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Explore infinite options for your fashion collections, cutting the costs of the textile industry with the 3D Virtual Prototyping of PM SUPERSTUDIO.

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With PM SUPERSTUDIO your prototypes take shape in a few clicks! Thanks to the 3D Virtual Prototyping is possible to make changes in real time: from the patterns, to the colors, to the fabrics, anything can be modified in order to satisfy the client’s requests.



Thanks to the 3D Virtual Prototyping of PM SUPERSTUDIO is possible to improve the prototype anytime, to supervise the silhouette and the wearability before the manufacturing process

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PM SUPERSTUDIO can perfectly emulate any kind of fabric, like the lightness of the cotton and jersey, to the brightness of the silk and the softness of the wool, translating their material characteristics in 3D.

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