Revolutionize the design of your clothing thanks to 3D visual

Increase speed, increase precision, shorten your time, reduce the costs of the textile supply chain and expand your possibilities for designing your clothing.

Before reaching the ready-to-wear garment, many prototypes are needed to check the style.

This entails a great expense and an incredible waste of time in the production of prototypes to end up with a style and volumes that are never the definitive ones.

Your prototypes in action on the runway

Once the photo rendering of the garment has been created, PM SUPERSTUDIO brings it to life through the Video Rendering process, a real 3D fashion show.
PM SUPERSTUDIO satisfies the clients’ requests by showing the Video Rendering of the 3D fashion prototypes in action on the runaway.

Thanks to the Video Rendering process of PM SUPERSTUDIO, the client won’t waste anymore money and time on preparing a fashion show, such as looking for a location, scouting for models and renting the sound and video systems in order to show the prototypes of the fashion accessories and garments.
PM SUPER-STUDIO will create a real digital fashion show with 3D models wearing the prototypes of the client’s fashion collection.

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Real Time Development

Real Time Development

Instantly visualize any number of variations, no matter how creative or experimental they may be after all.
that’s the beauty of Save As and Ctrl+Z

Fashion is an industry more and more complex that interacts with other worlds like art, design and new technologies: it is exactly the relation between fashion and new technologies that is becoming increasingly stronger and fundamental.

In the past, the fashion houses before creating a collection, they used to design the sketches of the garments, hand-made drawings that represent the final item of clothing.

Nowadays, we have shifted from the hand-made sketches to the computers, drawn to scale, before in 2D and, subsequently, in 3D,: the photo rendering process is the symbol of this evolution, a 3D hyper-realistic image. Thanks to the photo rendering, the way of representing and showing a fashion garment is limitless with the virtual reality of PM SUPERSTUDIO.

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The hyper-realistic photos of garments and accessories

Virtual and hyper-realistic prototypes
of your collections

In the fashion world, the prototypes are essential to anticipate the final result and the value of a garment, before to proceed at the develop phase and launch the item of clothing on the market.

Fashion is in constant evolution and with it, also the virtual prototyping phase: having a preview of the the design, the dynamics and the functionality of a garment is indispensable from the beginning of the clothing manufacturing process.

The jewel in the crown of PM SUPERSTUDIO is the 3D Virtual Prototyping, a software that allows the clients to see an hyper-realistic preview of their items of clothing for the launch of their collections and it reproduced in the finest details the real characteristics of the fabrics.

PM SUPERSTUDIO‘s new technologies have reduced the costs of the clothing manufacturing, because thanks to the 3D Virtual Prototyping the ways to show and develop a garment and an accessory are limitless!


Sample Lead Time

37 days

Sample adopotion rate

15 %

(without 3D)

(with 3D)

Sample Lead Tim

27 hours

Sample adoption rate

55 %

Why Choose Us?

PM SUPERSTUDIO drastically reduces the costs and increase the flexibility, the velocity and the efficiency of the fashion companies, because it won’t be necessary anymore to develop the prototypes before shifting to the manufacturing phase (many of whom will be rejected) and it won’t be necessary anymore to produce the physical samples to supply everywhere in order to be approved: all that is needed to have a n accurate preview of the finished garment is to avail yourself of the PM SUPERSTUDIO‘s services.

Explore infinite options for your fashion collections, cutting the costs of the textile industry with the 3D Virtual Prototyping of PM SUPERSTUDIO.

La tua creatività non ha limiti

Thanks to the simulation 3D software of PM SUPERSTUDIO your creativity is limitless because there are endless possibilities of developing styles, fabrics and details for the prototypes of your collections.

Non solo abbigliamento

PM SUPERSTUDIO is not limited to the design of 3D prototypes of simple garments, but is also able to simulate swimwear, sportwear, lingerie and accessories.

With PM SUPERSTUDIO your prototypes take shape in a few clicks! Thanks to the 3D Virtual Prototyping is possible to make changes in real time: from the patterns, to the colors, to the fabrics, anything can be modified in order to satisfy the client’s requests.

Thanks to PM SUPERSTUDIO‘s 3D Virtual Prototyping it is possible to improve the prototype anytime, to supervise the silhouette and the wearability of the garments before the manufacturing process, an unimaginable saving of time and money because it replaces the entire manufacturing process to see in advance the final product.

PM SUPERSTUDIO can perfectly emulate any kind of fabrics, like the lightness of the cotton and jersey, to the brightness of the silk and the softness of the wool, translating their material characteristics in 3D.

3 Advantages You Will Obtain By Using Our
Virtual Prototyping

We Revolutionize The Fashion World


Thanks to the new PM SUPERSTUDIO's technologies the fashion design become faster and more affordable.


The impact of 3D Virtual Prototyping is also ecological because it increases the waste minimisation and it reduces the air pollution of the transports of samples, with a consequent improvement of the brand's perception by the clients.


PM SUPERSTUDIO can digitalize any kind of prototype and fashion garment by creating a 3D hyper-realistic photo and video rendering.